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ONE FREE install (64bit) doesnt work

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Hi all.


Downloaded the 32bit version and tried on XP on VMWARE, went like a dream, downloaded the 64bit version to try on real Windows x64 from http://downloads.snom.net/snomONE/win64/snomone-win64-installer.zip


Tried this at home (XP 64bit), the actual application crashes, the service is installed though.


Downloaded again at work (different internet connection), identical problem on Windows 7 64bit (used Run as Administrator to install as well). Is there an issue with the 64bit version of the one hosted on the site?


Ive un-installed the 64bit version on the Windows 7 box, and installed 32bit version, the service installs and runs but cant get a webpage (by design?) as its not 64bit software install? (this same 32bit version works on XP32 bit in a VMware box).


Many Thanks


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FIXED (not sure how yet).


Removed 3CX, however i found a file in the root of the program folder had a fatal error about not able to open port 80, so i moved it to 81 in the pbx.xml file, its now working (on port 81).


Will check on this on the other PC as wlel (XP) to see if it works. Thanks for the pointer.

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