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Extension hunt routing by service flag


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I want to do the following.


When an extension is selected from an auto attendant, I want a hunt group to ring multiple extensions based on a service flag.


So if the flag is clear I want to ring the extensions in the hunt group concurrently. If no answer take a message.


If the service flag is set I want to be in DND mode and just take a message.


I figured out how I can accomplish this if I use Exchange 2007 as the message store. I create an additional extension, and put that extension in the night service number of the hunt group and have it set to DND. It requires the extra extension value in Exchange as an EUM alias, but it works.


But if I use PBX as the store I don't know how to make this work. I want the message to go into the origianl extension, not the extra one set to DND.


It would be nice if the original extension had a serive flag function. That would make things a lot easier in the Exchange environment, but without that function I don't know how to do this in PBX VM.


Any suggestions?





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Well, you can always use a hunt group to address a user. The real extension number is "hidden", just used to really ring the extension when it is time to do so. If you want to route directly to the mailbox, you can put the mailbox prefix in from of the extension number.


The cell phone redirection feature has the day/nightmode that you are talking of. Maybe you can use the Exchange number to implement the behavior if you provision the cell phone with the Exchange account.

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