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BLF problem on Snom 300 Series


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i have one problem with snomone. I set all functions key with Extension and the number of extension ( the string is <sip:14@pbx.telmsrl.local;user=phone> ). If one extension is talking with phone all others extensions see the light turned on, and it is ok. But when i received the call from one exntesion and i trasfer the call to another extension the first extension doesn't see the led powered on but all other phone yes. For example, i received the call from hunt group with extension number 11 , i transfer the call to extension 14 , all phone see the button with extension 14 powered on except the button in extension number 11. What is the issue ???

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On snom phones, dont configure such things on the phone. Use buttons instead on the PBX and automatically provision the device.


The "dialog-state" that many phones (also snom supports that) has a very very limited features set and was not intended for PBX button emulation, and BTW also has a crazy overhead. That's why we introduced buttons a coupld of years ago. Check out http://kiwi.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Buttons if you want to know more about this.

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Now i have all phone with autoprovisioning and i assigned the custom Buttons profile at all my phone. This is my profile:

















The shared lines work correctly, the button of extension light correctly when extension is busy, but i can't call the extension when i press the button. Why??? For example the extension 12 is free, i press the number 6 , the phone call anything. Why??

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