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Whisper/Agent Greeting? Feature question


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I'm wondering if there is a way that I can configure the pbx to playback a prerecorded message to my agents (extensions) upon recieving an inbound call that only my agents can hear?


For eg... lets say I have a mixed cue of agents that answer calls coming in from several different DID's. each DID represents a different type of call (DID 1 - sales, DID 2 - support, DID 3 - billing).


Is there a way I could inject a message to be played back to my agents letting them know "sales call" or "support call" once they answer the incoming call? Once again the determining factor of whats played back is based on the DID that is called.


I hope I am explaining this correctly. My actual use for this is not "support" and "billing" its just the easiest thing I could come up with.


Thank you,

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What you can influence is the display. The PBX is able to change the Caller-ID so that it includes the ACD name, as well as the original caller-ID in brackets behint it.


Audio is tricky. Of course it will delay the call setup procedure, which is generally a bad thing. But an interesting idea.

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