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Losing caller after on-hold


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I have the following situation, which i hope someone can help me out:


We are using snomone in combination with snom320 phones. We have created 6 co-lines, which are all set on the phone buttons 1-6.

Everything works fine, the co-lines are blinking or steady (depending on the state of the line), we can put the lines on hold, take them back and so on.


One thing however is driving me crazy:

When a call comes in we can see the callers phone number (or name). When we put this call on hold (with the hold-button) and we take the line back through the hold button, the callers name or number comes back to the display. However, when we put the call on hold and we take the call back with the corresponding co-button, the callers number (or name) on the phone display changes in somekind of internal id number? eq: *6011xx. This is very confusing when there are more lines on hold.



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There is a ticket opened in this area - call pickup / hold + retrieve. We will let you know once it is fixed.


I have noticed this with call parking also, when it comes back off of call parking it has 85xxx instead of the caller ID. I don't know if this is part of that ticket.

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