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SLA and Snom ONE: get FXO dialtone?

Austin Maliszewski

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I'm setting up a phone system for a small office with two POTS lines and three extensions (likely 2 Snom 300s and 1 Snom 360). Their old (and dying) setup has the two lines connected to a key system, so when a user wants to make a call, he or she picks up the phone, selects a line, and is immediately given PSTN dialtone. In the new system, each POTS line will be connected to an Obi110 which basically converts it to a SIP Trunk and will be configured as a shared line in snom ONE.


I'd like to configure snom ONE to provide as similar a service as possible, so what I'd like to know is how to configure snom ONE (or the phones, if need be) so that when a user goes off hook or presses a line button, the trunk is immediately seized and they get PSTN dialtone. This is important since this office still subscribes to voicemail from the local telco, and they'd like to be able to hear the message waiting stutter tone.


As much as I'd like to, I can't provide voicemail within snom ONE because two channels aren't really enough to support it, and they're under contract with these telco lines until next year. When the contract is up, they'll re-evaluate their options (and probably ditch POTS), but for now, I'd like to get this working this way.


Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks much.

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We though about this some time ago and even talked to Sangoma how this could be achieved. The answer was that it would be very difficult to get that experience working. The way it is with the PSTN gateway trunking, there is not standardized way to go offhook. The only workaround would be to dial a "ghost" number and then essentially have the call connected and do the dialling with DTMF. No back key then! And for digital lines line E1 the dialling process will work differently anyway.


So the bottom line for us was: This is not a analog line system, so lets not try to emulate every feture exactly like an analog system. The good news is that additional features like the back key are available with the way it works now.

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I have been working with my Grandstream 4104 GXO gateway with this type of situation. I setup a dial plan of 9 which dials the POTS adapter and set the pots adapter for dialing out manually. It actually works pretty decent with the exception that you can't choose the port on the FXO, it just picks up an available port. Yes there would not be a back button to cancel a digit in this situation as you have live dial tone.


As a note with the grandstream adapter, I have been able to successfully route incoming ports to different extensions based upon what port they dial in on.

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