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How to clean disk space on a snomone?


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We have a snomone+ that is rapidly approaching full disk utilization. Yesterday was at 11% free disk space. Today at 7%.


We tried SSH to the box using the superadmin but had 2 problems:

1) what to delete

2) no privileges as superadmin to delete any files!


What is the correct cleaning mechanism and how to tell what is the disk hog.


Thanks for the help


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I agree this whole idea of keeping customers out of the system is counter productive. Unfortunately, it still seems that the super password is as secret like who killed Kennedy.


I would assume that you have logging for the PSTN gateway still turned on. In contrast to the PBX, it does not automatically delete outdated files and just keeps on writing. Usually the Linux command du can help you locate the problem.


If you cannot delete it, just ask the snom support to log in to the system and delete it for you. If enough people have this request, maybe they get the point and give users access to the system.

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