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MultiCast Paging


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Snom One SOHO running on a Sheeva Plug





Test setup is ShevaPlug, 1x Snom 320, 1x Snom 300, 1x Snom PA1. (all 8.4.31)


When either phone initiates a page (dials 75), the PA1 will deliver the audio stream everytime, bu the other phone will remain silent, although it is aware of the page as it shows PA on the screen.


Services/phones have been started/restarted many times with the same result.


A pcap trace from the "silent" phone, shows the MC packets are being delivered on the correct address/port (, but as above, the phone is silent, apart from a very soft click at the start of the page.


From the phone's web interface, i can see that Multicast support is ON and the correct address/port is setup in IP Address 1 (Advanced/SIP-RTP/Multicasting)


However, when you examine the full Settings .xml file (attached), Multicast Listening is ON, but no ip address or port are specified.


Any help would be appreciated


Unable to attach pcap trace file..sorry





Phone all config.xml

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There are two important steps here. The first one is the provisioning of the phone. There it is important that the PBX knows that the phone is in the paging group. This is controlled by the paging group of the PBX, the phone must be list of extensions there.


Then when the paging happens, the phone must be running the right firmware. I am not sure about 8.4.31 (there is 8.4.32 out now, see http://wiki.snom.com/Firmware/V8/Release_Notes/8.4.32). There was obviously a critical bug with the paging, so you might have the phone to use 8.4.32 (essentially also a provisioning setting).

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