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Watching mailbox shows wrong name on phone

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Hi, i had a really simple setup, which seems to have gone abit weird...


Extensions 21 (NAME), 29 (SPARE).


Extension 29 mailbox was being watched by extension 21 (accounts > 29 > mailbox > Allow Access for Extensions: set to 21).


When i check mail on Ext 21 by dialling 821 it shows "<1> 821 spare", so i removed the above Allow Access for Extensions and rebooted the phone (ext 21), it still shows the name "<1> 821 spare", how do i stop this?

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Didn’t particularly want to do that, considering SNOM ONE seems to have issues after you delete them (known problem).



However plot did thicken slightly, i noticed when i got a voicemail, when i then collected this mail (on Ext 21), the Message indicator AND message on the screen never changed to 1 old message, always stayed as new, however the mailbox did say there was an old message. I cleared this problem by the below...



Added 21 to the mailbox allowed to access on 29, called 829, left message, restarted phone, cleared the allowed to access this mailbox on 29, restarted phone, problem resolved about the message indicator HOWEVER still showing as "spare" on the naming front but the message indicator now works.





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