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SoHo and Polycom sets


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We have a new snom ONE SoHo running 5021, and Polycom 601 running SIP 3.17. Most sets are snom but we have one Polycom 601 which must work; understood the SoHo would support up to three non-snom sets. We got the Polycom set to register ok, and can make incoming and outgoing calls as expected, but can't get transfer or call park to work. When pressing transfer caller is put on hold and dialtone is heard as expected, but when the target destination is dialed and transfer pressed again, the caller on hold is DROPPED and a simple call from transferee to target destination placed. Can't seem to get call park to work either.


Suggestions? Workaround? We MUST be able to 'transfer' ca call from this set to another.. Please help!

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The new release will come with a new license key for snom ONE free anyway. Maybe just give it a try:










Plug and play with Polycom will still not work, but I guess that's understandable...

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