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How to call another SIP phone direct (SIP > SIP)

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So i have SNOM ONE and a web voip provider (voip.ms), that works, if someone calls me i get the call.


however how do i give someone my extension as a number, i assume its something like 21@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx or 21@ExternalDomainToIPAddress


1. how will SNOM know to route this? or wont it?

2. do i need a trunk setup to route SIP direct clals?

3. How would i dial direct SIP addresses?

4 (SIDE NOTE) how could i dial names if i used a external plugin like skype (which might not be possible).

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Well the "SIP URI" that the IETF proposed a long time ago did not happen (at least not in the ITSP world). Everything is still pretty much telephone numbers, 10 digits in North America. If you want to use a SIP URI (which is possible with snom ONE), you first of all have to set up your DNS with DNS NAPTR and SRV records (I guess you uderstand why SIP URI did not take off).


There was a attempt called "ENUM" where calls can come from any IP address. This has a lot of security problems, so by default the PBX disables that feature.


I suggest before you start this adventure, use the search-engine-of-your-choice and do some research on ENUM and SIP URI, DNS. You can also include pbxnsip in your search, there are a few texts on ENUM and pbxnsip available from the old days.

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