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Settings XML "perm" flag settings

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I am playing with the settings XML files, i notice 80-90% of all settings have a "perm" flag see below as an example:


<user_pass idx="{lc}" perm="RW">{sip-pass}</user_pass>


I see this is "RW", ive also seen "R", one i set was "PERMISSIONFLAG" and when i used this, the option in the webpage for that phone showed the setting but was greyed out so it cant be changed.


Can someone please explain what the different flags for "perm" does?

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That is actually a phone topic (see http://wiki.snom.com/Mass_Deployment). In short words, "R" means that the user cannot mess with the settings, "RW" means that the user might change the setting locally on the phone.


Thanks, i did wonder this, however i cant find in the link you sent where it outlines these details, i still cant find what "PERMISSIONFLAG" means though?

My bad, it appears where i read this particular setting saying "PERMISSIONFLAG" was supposed to be over written with RW or R (or another one that will do the same), will re-do that flag now...... the wiki site needs alot of interpretation with some of this stuff.



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