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Hi All,



I tried to connect two snom one free using SIP Tie.We have to Offices SiteA and SiteB.

We have created two extensions on two sites.100@sitea.com and 200@siteb.com

How i can make an internal call between these two offices?.



Thanks & Regards

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You should add a telephone number to those extensions, something with 10 digits if you are in North America. Those numbers dont have to be routable from the PSTN; they just tell the PBX that the account is something considered "global".


If the two PBX are able to send each other packets on TCP and UDP, then you can just create a gateway trunk on each of the boxes with the outbound proxy set to the other box. From the PBX perspective, the other PBX is like another service provider that you need to add in the dial plan when dialling the telephone number(s) that you have defined for PBX.


If hte two PBX are behind NAT, things get a lot more tricky. Essentially in that case you have to set a third PBX on a public and use the SBC functionality. Again, from the two PBX perspective, that third PBX would serve like a mini-ITSP where you can send your calls to. But all-in-all I believe today it is easier to make sure that the PBX can send each other packets on IP level, e.g. using a VPN or putting the PBX on a public IP.

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