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Cellphone break ACD


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Using Version: (Linux)


I using an ACD to dial a cell phone and a deskphone.

We have 3 agents two at home and one in the office and need to be available 24x7 for calls.


The ACD and the integration with the cellphone works perfect.

Our problem is after 25sec this call is forwarding to the cellphone and after 30sec the message comes up "this number is not reachable" from the provider and the ACD is broken.


In germany we can not switch off this message we can only switch off the voicebox of the mobile.

One minute is to short for a big queue


Any help would be appreciated

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I assume you have "When calling the extension in an agent group" is set. When this is set, the PBX will send the call to the associated cell phone immediately. Did you see if the SIP INVITE contains the cell phone number that you configured?


I am not clear on what you meant by "after 25sec this call is forwarding to the cellphone".

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