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LDAP Adressbuch


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If LDAP is not being done directly on the m9 but instead on the PBX, the snom ONE will have to provide an XML file generated from the LDAP entries to the m9. The format for the XML file is detailed here:




This feature should be available on the snom ONE.

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The settings are right now like this:


<user_ldap_outgoing_phonebook perm="RW" idx="{lc}">true</user_ldap_outgoing_phonebook>    
<user_ldap_lookup_incoming perm="RW" idx="{lc}">true</user_ldap_lookup_incoming>
<user_ldap_name_filter perm="RW" idx="{lc}">(cn=%)</user_ldap_name_filter>
<user_ldap_number_filter perm="RW" idx="{lc}">(telephoneNumber=%)</user_ldap_number_filter>
<user_ldap_name_attributes perm="RW" idx="{lc}">cn</user_ldap_name_attributes>
<user_ldap_number_attributes perm="RW" idx="{lc}">telephoneNumber mobileTelephoneNumber</user_ldap_number_attributes>
<user_ldap_display_name perm="RW" idx="{lc}">%cn</user_ldap_display_name>
<user_ldap_server perm="RW" idx="{lc}">{ip-adr}</user_ldap_server>
<user_ldap_port perm="RW" idx="{lc}">{ldap-port}</user_ldap_port>
<user_ldap_base perm="RW" idx="{lc}">ou=people</user_ldap_base>
<user_ldap_username perm="RW" idx="{lc}">{domain}\{account}</user_ldap_username>
<user_ldap_password perm="RW" idx="{lc}">{web-pass}</user_ldap_password>
<user_ldap_max_hits perm="RW" idx="{lc}">50</user_ldap_max_hits>


If you are using PnP, it should work like this.

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