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obi110 & Snom One free


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Does anyone have any experience/advice on how to use the Obi110 as a trunk on a Snom ONE system.


Ideally i would like use the Obi110 analogue line as a gateway to make and receive calls through the Snom One system, and the same for the google voice account, to make and receive calls as a trunk.




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I'm also interested in using an obi110 as a PSTN gateway to Snom One, but haven't been able to figure it out. I'm able to find some good examples of how to do this with Asterisk and the obi110, but so far no luck finding a Snom One example.


Can anyone give specific pointers on how this might be accomplished? I had assumed I'd need to create a Trunk in Snom One, but am unsure what settings I should use for it.





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