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I operate a SIP Proxy server. Often, to assign PSTN numbers to users I alias the PSTN number to their UserID. In this instance, the user has a PBXnSIP box configured with domain.local




My user may be sip:1000@sip.provider.com - but I alias a PSTN phone number to that e.g. sip:00123123@sip.provider.com


There is a trunk configured on the PBX to provider.com that registers using user 1000.


If I call sip:00123123@sip.provider.com calls come in as;


INVITE sip:1000@ SIP/2.0

From: "Test" <sip:2000@sip.provider.com>;tag=7349e455

To: <sip:00123123@sip.provider.com>;tag=29226


Where sip:00123123@sip.provider.com is the alias. I've tried a few different expressions. Does the pattern take into account the sip: prefix, the domain - or just the user portion?


Whats the most simple way to say, match the user portion (in this case 00123123)?

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