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Hi, Ive had a look and was able to wget the language pack however, this is on a live customers system and I am a bit wary of diving in and potentially knocking off their system!


On the SoHo admin there is a command GUI, can it be done this way?


I must beleive this is a major UK issue as customers calling businesses are presented with a "forein" ringtone and the feedback we have received is that there is a concern with call charges and the uncertain geographic location of the company!


This really needs fixed soon as we have been told not to sell/install any more SoHo until we get this fixed :(

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Uploading the "right" audio pack has to be done based on the local requirements before you turn up the PBX for business. Since you mentioned that you had done these things on the Linux systems, we assumed that you can do this too (since this is nothing but another Linux system). Did not realize that you have done that with some desktop environment.


Anyway we will publish an XML file that will take care of the downloading the audio proper files for UK.


BTW, can you let us know what is the PBX version that is on your SoHo?

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If you are running 2011- version (it might work on 2011- too), then perform the following steps.

  2. SSH to the SoHo and create 'audio_uk' folder under the PBX working directory (generally under /usr/local/snomONE). If the audio_uk folder already exists, then skip this step.
  3. Open a web browser on your computer and login as admin.
  4. Navigate to Admin->System->Configuration: Software Update section.
  5. Then set the URL to http://downloads.snom.net/snomONE/audio/audio_uk.xml
  6. Press Save


This will initiate a audio files download from the server to SoHo and copy all the files under 'audio_uk' folder.

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Hi, I've got the folder created but a bit confused about the "Admin->System->Configuration: Software Update section"

Is this on the snom software or as admin on the Soho? Neither give that tree?


On the Snom software: Admin/settings/configuration/request configuration




On the Soho: Admin/ services/system /software update



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My apologies..... 2011- :)

This version does not support the update procedure I mentioned. If you have couple of these installations, our UK team can login and help you out in updating them. But if you are selling 100's of these SoHos, please PM and we can create you a script that could update the language pack.

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