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Beta Corona Austrinids Cell Phone

Steve B

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Hi Guys,


I have updated my PBX with new Beta Corona Austrinids and I having a problem with cell phone integration.


When I place a call from my extension to the auto attendant, which rings my hunt group (service flag activated), the system does call my cell phone and my extension. When I pick the call up on the cell, I only get press 1 to connect call, I do this which activates the call. If I try to press ## I get the audible DTMF tone but no other menu and the call is still active.


I have attached the log. I noticed that it shows 17 call legs?


I have installed the new audio prompts.


Any help would be awesome.


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On a hunt group, you dont have all options. Does it work when you call the extension directly?


After testing a direct call to the extension, yes I do have the options. Well the hunt groups have all the options for the cell phone usage? It would be nice if a system set up like ours, where the hunt group redirects all the extensions to a cell phone, had the features to transfer. We run into that problem when they are looking for me and one of the other extensions picks up in the field, the customer has to call back.

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The problem is when the hunt group calls the cell phone, it is the hunt group not the extension. Keep in mind there may be several other people trying to redirect that call as well while you punch in DTMF digits and you cannot be sure who will be the first. It is actually pretty much the same when the PBX receives a 3xx code from a SIP phone, it also takes that as a pure rejection. We went through the discussion like 5 years ago and the result is that groups and extensions have different semantics on redirection features.

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