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Audiocodes MP-201 setup

Grenville W Lines

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I'm hoping someone can help.


I have several clients that still want a fax machines and would like them on the PBX.


We have purchased Audiocodes MP-201 ATAs and are having a terrible time getting them working.


We have set up an extension for the fax and have put it on the Auto Attendant with a "F".


The extension is registered with the PBX and we can make voice calls over the extension without a problem. When we send a fax to the extension the AA is directing the FAX to the correct extension but the FAX machine or ATA is not accepting it.


The ATA is setup for T38 Routing.

CNG detection is enabled.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Any chance you can attach a wireshark trace from the pbx? www.wireshark.org, install it, select an interface, hit start, and make the call, stop it, save the file, and attach it here so we can see how far it gets.

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I would first try to keep the AA out and send the call directly to the FAX to make sure that the T.38 works. It does not only depend on the ATA, it also depends on the PSTN side. If you have a PSTN gateway, it has to support T.38 or elsewise you just have to use G.711 (in a LAN, that should be okay). If you ahve a service provider, things might get tricky, because many ITSP have a hard time supporting T.38 and you cannot just use G.711 because of the packet loss.

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