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Trying to put audio_?? folders on external usb-stick via symlink

Hebel IT

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Hi all,


yesterday I got my brand-new "snom ONE SOHO". Given that I need to support several

different languages I mounted an ext2 filesystem on an external usb-stick (/etc/fstab),

moved the audio_de, audio_it, audio_sp & audio_uk to that fs and created symlinks

in /usr/local/snomONE, which point to /mnt/usb/audio_de, etc. ...


Unfortunately when I restart the service the "external" languages are not found any



What am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance for your help.


Best regards



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We did not put all languages there because we did not want to use up all the space only for languages. There are a lot of things on the box that are not used, e.g. Perl, PHP that you can throw off the Flash and then you would be able to fit everything in. The point is you need to look into the debian documentation.


Unfortunately, for this production series we were using a pretty old Flash image; we'll do the cleanup for the next production round so that we should have much more space then.

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Here is the latest version for SoHo.




  1. Backup the configuration, so that you have a reference to go back to.
  2. Create the link name as audio_en, audio_fr, audio_de etc. Examples:
    • audio_en -> /home/pbxnsip/pbxhead/usa
    • audio_sp -> ../audio_sp
    • audio_de -> /mnt/usb/audio_de

[*]We assume you are already running 4.5.x.xxxx version.


Note: Test has been performed only on first 2 syntax of the examples above.

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