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Cisco SPA 112 and Uniden dect


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I have snomone one on windows server 2003. I bought a pair of M9s and after endless trouble setting them up, I have them working properly. The only trouble is the range doesn't quite cover the area I need which is two buildings. Since I had a couple of sets of analogue DECT sets lying around I thought I'd try an ATA. I bought the Cisco ATA (SPA112)and after a firmware update I have it working well with the uniden DECT phones and even Caller ID is working.


My problem is that now if I pick up a call on the uniden DECT phones and I want to move to the office where the M9s are, I am again out of range of the uniden base. I can't seem to figure out if there is a way to park a call with the uniden phones so I can pick it up in the other building with the M9. I've tried just dialing *85 but nothing works. I can't even seem to place a call on hold with the Unidens and get the caller to my MOH. I can do this with the M9s.


Any help appreciated....


There are a miriad of settings on the ATA but I'm not sure if any relate to this....


I also have a set of analogue Panasonic DECT phones available. It seems such a waist to throw them out...

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