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One -way audio with Sangoma PTSN card

Shane W

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I have a Snom-one ver. 2011- (Linux)

Sangoma 4.2.2-1


When someone calls in on the pots line (sangoma port 1. I get a 20 second delay before the caller can hear me. I can hear the incoming caller they cannot hear me. After 20-25 seconds it works.


I have the incoming default extension to 72 or a ring hunt group of about 6 phones.


I have re-ran the Sangoma setup and used the v4IP address vs. the localhost or and I also changed the setting in the sangoma under the Call control -> Analog Config. -> Inbound Call - Handling info -> and changed it to ON_OUTBOUND-MEDIA-AVAILABLE. After that I calibrated the FXO channels and it worked for about 10 calls then it went back to it old self.

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