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Directory Service

George G

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I am trying to get the directory service to work on Snom 300s.


After the phones had been provisioned the directory service did not work.


I noticed that the directory URL field had a strange entry that did not correspond to anything on the PBX.


Has anyone got experience with getting the driectory to work for local and remote users?


Thank you



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Oh if you only have snom 300, then you cannot peak at the configuration generated for the other phones. But you can log into the webpage of the PBX, then admin mode, web page control, then you can select the file snom_3xx_fkeys. That the one that you need to modify to your needs. You can take a peek at the other snom config files to see how they use the directory button and link them to the PBX XML.

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It is one of the most recent versions.


Setting for snom 300 button 4 is url {http-url snom}/adrbook.xml?user={id}&auth={webhash}


In the XML files snom_300_fkeys.xml i have:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<functionKeys>{if_button dnd none}

<fkey idx="dnd" context="active" perm="RW">{enum_button dnd button+dnd private=line}</fkey>{fi_button dnd none}{if_button 1 none}

<fkey idx="0" context="active" perm="RW">{enum_button 1 button+1 private=line}</fkey>{fi_button 1 none}{if_button 2 none}

<fkey idx="1" context="active" perm="RW">{enum_button 2 button+2 private=line}</fkey>{fi_button 2 none}

<fkey idx="2" context="active" perm="RW">{parameter snom_button3}</fkey>

<fkey idx="3" context="active" perm="RW">{parameter snom_button4}</fkey>

<fkey idx="4" context="active" perm="RW">{parameter snom_button5}</fkey>

<fkey idx="5" context="active" perm="RW">{parameter snom_button6}</fkey>




The file snom_3xx_fkeys.xml has no buttons setup as addr book. I guess because there is a dedicated Directory button.


So if I was to use the setting for button 4 at the top, which seems most logical to me, how should I populate the vaules?


For example my http interface is on port 8080, so would it be ok to use url{id}&auth={webhash} ?


And would ID be ext number and auth their password? It seems a bit risky to pass a pw like this?


I look forward to your response.


Thank You



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