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License problem


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Sorry but this is URGENT!

My customer is DOWN!

I already mailed sales at snom dot com,

I already opened a ticket on VAR Snom Area


All I got in an hour is 20 email of "Read Receipt" but nobody taking care of it.


I can't believe that a reinstall on same hardware will invalidate the license, and nobody would help in fast way, since THERE IS NO TRIAL TIME!

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For the license server, this is a new installation. The license server cannot rely on the IP address because of NAT and IP addresses changing all the time, so we need to reset the code and then you can re-install the license. I sent you a PM, if you can reply the activation code we can take care about it.

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key sent to pvt...


So, if a PBX got a drive failure, I should wait half day to get the license back? This could be OK for SOHO with 3 phones.. How you could manage this on large business?


Is there anyway to backup the installation in an "activate" state?


I never ment to rely on IP address... you could bind it on MAC & BIOS UUID

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What you can always do is to backup your configuration (working directory), e.g. on a USB stick. That includes the key. This is also good if your hardware should crash, you can run the config then from another server. For high availability, consider using the virtual appliance; that makes it possible to upgrade your hardware while the PBX is running.

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I read that the software would not run under vmware.. that's a couple of years ago. Good to know that know it's ready for it.


And, yes, is good to know that backing up the directory and restoring to a new drive would not ask again activation.


Now I got it working again, but retrying to activate with the same code would not do the job.

I modified pbx.xml, deleting all the values under license lines, then I restarted the service

It asked me to Agree the EULA again, and providing the same code again this time worked.


So, it was not possibile to do it before manually removing lines from configuration.

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