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Gmail lost certificates?


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Something very strange happened on May 10th to three different snomONE plus boxes we have in 3 separate installations. At about 8:00pm EST all of the stopped sending email. We use GMAIL a the smtp server for all. The log showed a refused connection the the imap server. These boxes have been up and running for more than 1 year (some of them) with no problems on sending emails./


After a lot of frustration, we reloaded the security GMAIL certificates and emails started to flow again.


Any ideas why? Does the GMAIL certificate expires or is there some setting we are missing?




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Everything was working fine on the boxes. Only the emails where not being send for missed calls/cdr/etc.


My other installation of snomONE that use the same GMAIL account for emails, continued working fine. the only difference between the working and non-working is that the non-working were all snomONE plus appliances. The working ones were either WIN32 or MacOS installation that were not affected by this strange behavior.

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Hmm. snom ONE plus does not make any difference when it comes to checking certificates. There is no special firewall between the PBX process and the interface that could check for virus or something else.


At least no email should have get lost, they are stored in the spool directory until they are sent out.

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