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Snom M9 Hold issues


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We have snom-one setup in key emulation with a bunch of 320 phones and an m9 cordless


On the 320's we have the top 4 buttons programmed as shared lines on our trunk (co1 - co4)


If we pickup a call on the m9 and put it on hold we can pick it back up from the m9 that put it on hold or from any of the 320's by hitting the appropriate line button


However, if we put a call on hold from a 320 we cant pick it back up from the m9


Is there any sort of star code or magic account we can use to pick the call back up on the m9 that we can just program into the address book on the phone to allow for quick pickup of a line?

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Well the thing is exclusive hold and non-exclusive hold A.K.A. park. You can pick up parked calls with *86. However if the calls are on (exclusive) hold, things get difficult from the m9. The snom 320 uses a different feature for this, which is not suitable for the m9.

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