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Programming buttons


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I am attempting to program buttons on a Snom One extension. I am using a Snom360.

I go to Accounts, click on the Account I wish to work on, then I click on 'Buttons'.

From 'Configuration Profile' I have tried '12 buttons' and 'Extension Specific profile'.

I select a key, lets say '5', choose 'BLF' as 'Type' and in parameter put in an extension number.

I save and then, to be sure, reset the phone.

But the key simply doesn't take.

Am I missing something?


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Thanks for replying to my query.

I am having a problem with plug and play.


I entered the Snom360 MAC in the 'Bind to MAC address' field for the account.

I turned on the SIP.MCAST facility and reset the Snom one.

I then reset my Snom360. The phone came back to life OK and still works but it did not download the button settings.

NB I attempting to use the SIP Subscribe multicast method.

(The phone is running on


Can you see where I am going wrong?



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thanks for the link. I am working through it and have noticed that after turning on the SIP.MCAST service and reboot the Snomone,

I cannot see the 'Joined Multicast' in the logfile. (I turned of all specific events on the logging page and only left 'Log TFTP and PnP events' on)

I am using a permanent evaluation licence, does this allow multicast?


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