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Nexvortex Header info/ ANI


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We're using a multitenant installation with a single global trunk configured for NexVortex. (so far... secondary SIP provider probably on the horizon). Discovered that 800 calling was not functioning with our setup and turned to the headers as a possible fix. This was my end result configuration, which successfully dials standard and 800 numbers, as well as pulls the outbound caller ID from the extensions (desirable for our setup).


Figured I'd post here for commentary and if anyone had suggestions/thoughts on it.


Request-URI: Let the System Decide

From: Extension ANI

To: Let the system decide

p-asserted-identity: Don't use

p-preferred-identity: Don't use

Remote-Party ID: Based on incoming call

p-charging-vector: Don't use

Privacy Indication: Don't use



Similarly related: Does the ANI 'rollover/up' if not defined? The behavior I've seen seems to indicate this. Example: If I've set the headers to deliver the extension ANI, but there is no extension ANI defined, but there IS a domain ANI, it will present the domain ANI? - This is very helpful, as we can set the domain ANI per tenant, and if ever need be, a particular extension is easily assigned their own ANI.


If a user dials an 'emergency number', which ANI (Trunk, Domain, or Extension) ANI is presented?

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The order is Extension, Domain, Trunk ANI. Yes, if the extension ani is not set, then PBX uses the domain ani. If that is not set either, then trunk ANI.


If nothing is set, the extension number will be sent out (which probably not work for most trunk providers!)


There is "ANI for emergency calls:" under the extension. The snomONE will send that if set. Otherwise, the above rule will be applied.

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After Further testing the above setup does allow dialing of 800 numbers, however it creates nexvortex disconnects after 23 or 24 seconds consistently. Changing the setup to:



Request-URI: Let the System Decide

From: Based on incoming call

To: Let the system decide

p-asserted-identity: Extension ANI

p-preferred-identity: Don't use

Remote-Party ID: Don't use

p-charging-vector: Use ICID Value

Privacy Indication: Don't use


Allows all calls except 800 numbers to be successful.


Does anyone successfully use nexvortex in a mult-tennant setup, pulling outbound caller Id from the extension?

What are you using for custom headers in your trunk setup?



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I figured I'd come back here and post what has been working for us for several weeks now:


Request-URI: Let system decide

From: Custom "<sip:{ext-ani}@{domain};user=phone>"

To: Let system decide


All other options in Privacy indication are set to 'do not use header'.


Everything seems to be functioning properly with NV now.

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