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daily CDR email showing 0 calls


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I have a server where for the past few days the midnight CDR email is showing 0 calls. In the web interface I do see the calls fine. Upgraded to 4.5.1090 to try to resolve was the same problem past few days running 4.5.1075.


The following calls were made in the domain on 2012/07/03


Total number of calls: 0. Total duration: 00:00.

Time Dir From To Remote Local Duration



Do not reply to this Email. It was sent automatically.

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If you navigate to the Admin->Status->Call log, do you see any calls listed there. All those calls (for a specified date) should be in the email. Make sure the dates/system time are ok.


Hi support team,

I installed the latest version, If I navigate to Admin->Status->Call log, I can see only the PSTN trunk calls which I made. No other calls was there in the call log.


Thanks & Regards,


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That was a design decision taken on v4 and it's been like that for a long time. The reason is that PBX should be just worried about the external calls and not the internal ones.

My thread was stolen, my problem is cdr emails started showing 0 calls, web interface shows calls fine.

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Maybe the indices under the 'cdri/cdre/cdrt' folders have corrupted. One thing you can try is to rename the folders (or back up those folders and delete them). PBX will recreate them anyways and we can verify it is the index issue or something else.


Other thing to check is to see if you have modified the email template.

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