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MOS score questions


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This pertains to snom ONE 4.5.x


#1- i think the MOS score Graphs on System, Trunks and Extensions is very good. Thanks!


#Q2-Is there a way on a MOS graph to drill into the bad calls? If i see a chart with bad calls, first thing tech wants to do is see the details/who/what/when of bad calls...

#Q3- Is there a way for the admin to get emailed the call details of a bad MOS call?

#Q4- OR: if there are over XX calls with bad quality/ MOS score under XX, the admin get an email?


#Q5- I see the "Call Log" now has a MOS score. Great! is there a way to drill into the MOS score details from call log?

#Q6-what are other resellers doing to monitor call quality on remote snom ONE pbx's?

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Q2: Well, how? The image is just a image, difficult to link pixel to links. But I get the point. The PBX also sends out CDR with the MOS attached, you can (e.g. in Outlook) set rules when the PBX sets the "alarm" flag for a MOS score.


Q3: Absolutely. Every CDR email has an attachment with a MOS overview.


Q4: AFAIR yes that is possible in the system settings.


Q5: Again, the details are in the CDR emails.


Q6: You mean ITSP? I have not seen one with MOS scores, espeically those who don't own the copper or fiber to the customer...

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