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Redirect to cell phone if a service flag is set

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We have a customer who is in and out of her office on a daily basis. We programmed an 'Out of Office' service flag. We have the hunt group set so that when the 'Out of Office' service flag is set it directs all calls to her extension. If I set the 'Specify time when system calls the cell phone: No specific time excluded', then it will call her cell phone. If I set it to 'Out of Office' then it won't call her cell phone. The problem is we only want it to call her cellphone when the 'Out of Office' flag is set. So I need it to work the opposite way it's currently working. Is there a way to make it work where the system will only call her cell phone if the 'Out of Office' flag is set.


It is important that it call the cellphone through extension redirection so that if she doesn't pick up it falls back to her office phone voicemail and doesn't go to her cell phone voicemail.


I did see this post: http://forum.snomone.com/index.php?/topic/5799-service-flag-for-cell-phone-times/ which seems he is having a similar issue to us. Perhaps if there is currently no way to do this the Snom dev team should add it. Seems like a simple logic addition - maybe a include/exclude radio button next to the Specify time option.




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Have you tried setting the night service # to ring another hunt group? maybe have her extension on stage 1 and then activate the redirection on the extension level "When calling the extension in a hunt group" on the cell phone section so it will also call her cell phone as well or you can add her cell # to the 1st stage if you want and set a duration of 5-10 sec and have it redirect to her MB using the MB prefix in the final stage example,


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