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Caller-Id after transfer


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Since updating the firmware of our snom-320 phones to, we notice that after a call transfer, the name/number on the display is not the one from the calling party, but the one of the receiving phone itself.


We are using pbxnsip (the latest version that was available) and with the 8.3.35 firmware of the snom-320, things were ok. Can we correct this by changing something on the pbx site, the snom-320 site ? Or do we have to revert to the previous firmware ? Or upgrade pbxnsip to snomone ?


Best Regards !


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This is a "hot" topic. snom was using an old, proprietary method and with the latest firmware upgrades, the from-change RFC should be implemented in the latest firmware versions and snom ONE should be taking advantage of that. I am not sure where exactly the phone firmware and the snom ONE release are exactly right now, but they should be "converging" soon.

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