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Routing inbound calls with multiple dids' that are not in a block of numbers

Dar @ Helia

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We have trunks from two ITSP providers and have half a dozen dids representing regional and department numbers. On our previous system, we would specify an inbound route defined by the DID and its destination. I've been looking through the documentation and its not apparent that multiple dids can be set up unless they are in a block. The "Extended Mode" does not allow for a list. I'm looking for a recommendation on how to do this.


DID (403) 698-0700 to Extension 5007

DID (250) 469-9074 to Extension 5007

DID (604) 757-9104 to Extension 5007

DID (780) 401-1851 to Extension 5131

DID (780) 628-4050 to Extension 200

DID (403) 668-7895 to Extension 5001

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