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Snom 821 Rebooting every few hours using SnomOne Pnp config

Dar @ Helia

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I have a Snom 821 phone that I've used for a 24 months and has been very stable on non-SnomOne pbxs. We recently switched to SnomOne and the phone now reboots itself every hour or so - As the log is cleared on the reboot, I'm not able to get a clear idea what is causing the phone to reboot.


The phone is using the standard SnomOne pnp profile for an 821.


When I do a factory reset on the phone and then just enter the minimum userid + password + registrar for the phone, it no longer reboots.


Using SnomOne Delta Aurigids (CentOS32)


Snom 821 Firmware 8.4.35


We have Snom 370, Snom 300 and other 821 phones registered. At least one other 821 is also rebooting or freezing regularly.


How do you recommend I proceed to localize this issue. Obviously we can't have phone rebooting themselves on a regular basis.

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I usually always upgrade the phones to the latest firmware to see if that clears it up since 8.4.35 is a little dated. If that doesn't do it then I would turn on syslog in the phone and set up a free syslog server and then post the results here to see if we can help.

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