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Feature request: IP Access Control - mobe Delete column


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In the IP Access Control page you have 4 columns:


IP Address......Type[Comment]......Expries......Delete



Can you move the 4th column "Delete" to right after the 1st column "IP Address" ? Or make it so when your mouse is hovering on the screen that it highlights the line you want to delete? Like it does in a lot of the other screens - Domains, Accounts, trunks, Dial plans.


We have hundreds of blocked ip addresses and a few white listed ip addresses - when we want to delete one it's very difficult to make sure your actually deleting the one you want because the red delete X is the last column and the line doesn't auto highlight and your not given any confirmation so it's easy to delete the wrong ip address. You may not believe this but I hold up a ruller to my screen just to make sure I'm clicking on the proper red X to delete the ip address that I want deleted.



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