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Second Language on Agent Group


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Is it possible to set a 2nd language on an Agent Group (similar to an Auto Attendant)? Here's the set-up I'm trying to configure:


Office has 1 main phone #; calls first go to an Auto Attendant that says "Thank you for calling the office of X. Please remain on the line and your call will be connected shortly. Para continuar en Español por favor oprime el numero 1."


On the Auto Attendant, I have set up Service Flags for (i) Business-hours; (ii) After-hours; and (iii) Holiday greetings. In addition, on the AA, I configured the Direct Destinations as follows: (Line 1) User input = F; no playback; (Destination) numerical fax ext.; (Line 2) User input = 1; no playback; (Destination) 57 (which is what I want to be a Spanish-language Agent Group). Lastly, the Redirect Timeout, in the AA, is set to transfer the caller to ext. 55 (an English-language Agent Group).


I have both audio_en and audio_sp installed in /usr/local/snomONE. I copied the ringback.wav and busy.wav files from the audio_en into the audio_sp folder. On the snom ONE wiki I read that .wav files w/a pb_ prefix are acd-related files. I then looked in the audio_sp folder and noticed that it has the same pb_*.wav files as the audio_en folder, albeit, the pb_*.wav files in the audio_sp folder are in Spanish.


So, it appears as though all the pieces are there to have an Agent Group play a language different than the default domain language (which, in my case, is English). After snooping around the /usr/local/snomONE, I can not find an .xml file or otherwise that tells the system to play the pb_*.wav files from the audio_en folder. (I was looking for this b/c I thought I could simply modify the script--or whatever-- to look for the same files in the audio_sp folder for the Spanish-language Agent Group).


Any ideas on how I can accomplish this (I'm definitely open to a different workaround as well)?





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What you can always do is mixing your own WAV files and using them instead of the build-in ones. You can even create your "own language" (bilingual), for example use one language name for that that you don't use (lets say, Greek) and copy the default wav files into the audio_gr directory where you can edit them without any side effects to the other languages (for example, copy all audio_en files into the audio_gr directory to use English as the template).


What many people do, is use one ACD and then mix the announcements in the different languages that they have.


If you want to different language selections, you can also use two separated ACD. While they can be configured separately, this has the disadvantage that they have to compete for the same agents. This may result in unfair scheduling.

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