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Dial 9 Dial plan


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I am trying to get my phones to dial out without the checkmark for 3 digit extensions which works fine and 9 + 10 digits for local and 91 + 10 digits for LD I only have one SIP trunk carrier and just want to try and simplify dialing for them.


I modified the usa3 plan below which works for 9+10


!^(9[0-9]{10})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^(8[2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-9]11)!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d


I tried to add another pattern in front of the previous like this to match 91 first then 9 but it doesn't seem to try and pattern match it still errors out and does not dial my last digit


!^(91[0-9]{10})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d!^(9[0-9]{10})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^(8[2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-9]11)!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d


I tried changing the 10 to an 11 as below


!^(91[0-9]{11})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d!^(9[0-9]{10})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^(8[2-7][0-9]{2})!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d !^([2-9]11)!sip:\1@\d;user=phone!d


Same issue.


I am just learning dial plans and any pointers would be appreciated. My calls will work with the first dial plan above since my SIP trunk provider does not require the 1 but I am just trying to keep a customer happy who thinks their emloyees won't think to dial long distance without the 1.


Thank you,



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Well keep in mind that when you have ^(91[0-9]{10}) and ^(9[0-9]{10}), there is a overlap. 91234567899 dies match the 2nd pattern before you even get to the first one. You could try ^(9[02-9][0-9]{9}), to make sure that the 2nd digit is not a "1".


Anyway, IMHO everybody today understands what a check mark is on a phone (look at your cell phone), and instead of pressing the "9" button in the front you can as well press the Ok button at the end--same number of key presses and nobody has to worry any more how to dial a number. Just dial what you would dial on the cell phone. Anyway, just my personal opinion.

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