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All of my nightly extension reports start after 12 noon local time now since upgrading to


The domain nightly report shows the activity for the entire day from midnight to midnight. It shows all the calls made by the extensions before 12 noon. Is there a bug in that is causing this? Is there a setting I toggled by mistake in the global configuration file with respect to the individual extension reports?


Any help would be appreciated the client was relying in those extension reports.


Thank you,



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It is not a midnight issue. I was going to attach a document where I cut and pasted the reports for the domain and for ext 214.


The domain report shows extension 214 made several calls prior to the calls listed on his personal extension cdr. Why does his and other extensions cdr report not report all of the calls they made? The domain report shows all of them.




I can't upload the file it is too big

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The extensions are all on the default time zone. There is no discrepancy there. On last Friday night's reports they showed all of the data and then starting again last night they (the individual extensions did not start till 1300 and the domain report still showed all calls from 0800 on.



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