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Activation SnomOne


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Hello everybody,

i'm new in forum, i have installed snom one in CentOS 5, and i want to activate it for free, but when i log in to web GUI and clic on Settings / General/ License i have two choices:

1- License the product with a product activation code (format XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX).

2- Use a license key that has been provided to you. This is a base64-encoded string that usually runs over several lines.


how i can use snom one free?


i have used this file to install it 'snomone-centos5.bin'

in login interface i have this = v5.0.0 (CentOS64)

please help me

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Thanks a lot i have create one and i have get an activation code.

in reality i can't register an extention in 3CX phone and not in Snom300, in first time i was thinking that is because not activated, now after activation i have restarted the service. but the extention still not registred in the two phone.


After installation i have create a domaine and after i create 3 extention (2000, 2001, 2002).


i want to tell you that i have delete all Extensions i found after installation.


please help me.

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for the Firewall, i have disabled it using:

#service iptables stop

#service ip6tables stop

#chkconfig iptables off

#chkconfig ip6tables off


and i can acces to web GUI from network.


i thank it is problem of dial plan, because i don't have create any dial plan. if so can you give me guide how to create it.



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Okay, other things to check:


Maybe there is another program running on port 5060. In Linux, you can check that this way:



netstat -a -p -n|grep 5060


You should see pbxctrl there.


The dial plan comes into play when you want to place an outbound call. Registering the phone is not related to that.


After registration, call the mailbox with *97, if you hear the PBX IVR, we are getting into good shape. Next step would then be the trunk setup and the dial plan. Dial plans in snom ONE are not difficult.

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