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Agent Group: From-Header (Miscellaneous Settings)

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in some systems we've a lot of ACD-Groups with the same number of agents. The reason for that is only to have different ACD-Names to distinguish from each other. For the agent it is important to see from which line (trunk) the caller comes from. Every agent is member of some ACD-Groups and before he takes the call, he sees the Name of the ACD in front of the callers number.


So far so god. With upgrade from V4 (blue edition, unlimited ACD's) to V5 (each ACD cost a lot of money) the quesion arise, if there is a way to get the same functionality without the need of much ACD's but still see, from wich line the call comes from.


Is there any way to modify the From-Header, so we see no longer the name of the Agent Group in front of the callers number, but the trunks name?

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We addressed that topic in a separate Wiki page http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=From_Header_in_Groups.

Many thanks!! It seems to be exactly we are searching for. Just one question to: "t" is being replaced with the called party username:


Is it possible to route the calls from a trunk depending on DDI the caller has dialled to an IVR node (in order to assign the t=party username there(?) and to greet the caller different, then let each IVR route the call to one and the same Agent Group. Does the system keeps the t=party username assigned from the IVR node or does this variable get reassigned t=Agent Group Naeme? If the last: Any REGEX-Solution to assign e. g. (If DDI=10 then display "AAA", if DDI=20 then display "BBB" ...)?

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