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Debian disk partitioning


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I am about to build a Debian based SnomOne pbx for the office and would like some advice regarding disk partitioning.


The Linux server will be dedicated to the SnomOne telephony system and will probably be running the following:

SnomOne (approx 10 to 20 extensions)

OpenVPN (for remote Snom extensions)

TightVNC (for remote support access)

A backing-up utility (something like LuckyBackup)

Xfce gui (to make support a little easier)


The hard drive size is about 150 GB


My question. With Debian SnomOne installs is it worth giving the usr or usr/local directory it's own partition; in other words giving the snomOne it's own partition. Or is it generally recommended to rely on the /root partition or even a single partition (plus swap) for a dedicated system like this?


Also is LVM partitioning recommended for this type of install ?


Thank you


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No I don't think so. It should be enough to put everything into one partition. Only if you plan to do massive recordings it makes sense to think about different partitions where you might want to do the recording.


150 GB are good for more than 2.5 years of recorded calls (at 13.2 kbit/s). I hope I did not make a mistake here!

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