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Call Center Application Tips and Metropolis Reporting


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We have an "Old School" manual outbound call center that focuses all of it's dialing into less than 2 dozen area codeds among a dozen calling agents. Groups of 2,3 or 4 agents dial into these areas during a campaign. Here is the plan to help improve there success.


We have a national provider than can provision our SIP trunk to deliver these area codes on our SIP trunk and will outpulse and originate the outbound call to the area codes so the recepient sees a friendly area code. We hope to eliminate the need to dial the area code in one of several ways.


1. Agent Groups are for inbund calls only. No Help

2. We make Extensions with AREA code ANI's and register 1,2,3, or 4 phones on that extension. (This seems to be the best choice) This method is static and offers little flexibility

3. Create dial plans that insert the correct area code example 10555-5555 the diail plan see beginning two digitis [10] and inserts a three digit dial plan. [11] etc.... [12]..... This would allow any of the two dozen agents to participate in a campaign, but eliminates only 1 digit in dialing.



What other methods might one suggest?


Secondly the last post related to using Metropolis call accounting software was in 2011. An important report the agency wishes to have is Shift Idle time. IE Extension IDLE time from 8:00 - 12:00 delivered at 12:15 Seems most call accounting systems are good at calculating call activity, and does anyone have experience with a call accounting system that calculates the IDLE times by subtracting the activity from a time specific time period?



All comments are welcome and greatly appreciated..



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Problem to present a friendly area code: So you have a trunk for every area code, for example from your service provider? Then this can be done with the dial plan: trunk=area123, pattern=123*, replacement=123*; trunk=area456, pattern=456*, replacement=456*; and so on.


If you want to use the same ITSP line, you might still be able to set up several trunks for that same ITSP. For gateway trunks that should be very simple. Then you can set the headers to whatever your provider needs to see in the From/PAI/RPI-headers. Important is to mark them as outbound only, so that they don't accidentally pick up any inbound traffic.


Shift idle time: For the idle, the PBX currently measures how long the agent is talking and how long the agent is holding. On the other hand, the data how long the agent was logged in for the day is also available. From that, the idle time could be calculated by subtracting the availability time with the talking time. Question here is how to handle hold time. If the agent is talking to some else for consultation, this is not the same like the agent taking a smoke break in front of the building. But I agree, the idle percentage would be an interesting number.


P.S. Better to post two separate topics, so that answers don't get mixed up.

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actually I believe the testing of the SIP trunk is more advanced than that.


We simply outpulse the appropriate AREA CODE ANI where we have the carrier provisioned numbers, and they deliver the call through the PSTN carriers to the local numbers. All of this occures on a single SIP trunk. We simply need to make sure we only present the correct numbers in the ANI stream.


So we thought we would make extensions with the correct ANI's and register multiple phones against that number...


Assume my explanations of the SIP trunk will work as described, we are wondering if their is a dynamic method to allow any extension to call into any area code. By way of an agent group, dial plan, or other interesting method.



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Sent a PM with my contact information, send me a note with details..



Hi Andrew,

we are a software company that develop solutions on top of snomone, and we have a reporting app that calculates idle times, even average idle times between calls ;)

If interested please drop me a messeage.




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