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Onesuite.com voip setup


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Hi guys, I've been a happy camper with Onesuite.com (phone card and voip service) but I want to try their voip using an ATA device. I had little knowledge on sip setup so maybe you can get me going by posting basic sip setup. Onesuite at the moment don't support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) but I think it is possible.


I am basically looking on what to put on basic set ups.


Sip server

Sip ID

Authentication ID




Those are the things I can remember on top of my head, I know theres a lot more to properly set it up.



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I would give it a quick shot by using a REGISTER trunk and fill in the neccessary information. Maybe turn off the uuid stuff as it confuses some of the registrars. And check what expiry time they give you. If you are behind NAT it should be below a minute, otherwise just set the Expiry explicitly. Most of the ITSP work right from the beginning, so chances are good you can use their service from a PBX trunk.

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