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Billing calls from ACD to mobile


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for all our agents in the acd group the calls are forwarded to mobile.

Everything works perfectly


Our provider, we use a siptrunk bills a large number of calls and all the calls have only 2 - 4 seconds.

We are not connected to this calls, why we have a lot of short calls in the invoice



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First of all, when the cell phone is turned off, the mailbox probably picks up a lot of traffic. If that if not the case, another traffic source is the initial dialog with the user "press 1 to connect the call, press 2 to ..."--even if the call does not get connected that way. For the carrier, it does connect.


The only workaround for that would be that the carrier tells the PBX through a SIP code or something that the handset has picked up the call, not the mailbox. But AFAIK no carrier is able to do that (or willing to do that :-P).

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