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Branch Offices


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It is possible. Some tips/comments:



For calling each other, I would use "real" PSTN numbers; but instead of sending them to the gateway you can make entries in the dial plan that send the call directly to the other branch office.


I would put them into a network where they can send each other packets without NAT. For example if you create a VPN that should be easily possible. Because the snom ONE mini are just running Debian Linux, you can for example install the OpenVPN client on the system. Then you can set up gateway trunks between the system, so that they can call each other without having to go through the PSTN network.


The alternative is to have one central PBX and then just register the phones to that one system. That simplifies the setup (dial plans, trunks, etc) and it becomes possible, for example to pick up calls from other offices. if you put the branch offices into a VPN you could even keep local PSTN gateways for terminating on-site.

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