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Manually configuring Aastra 9480i


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Ive been trying to get an Aastra 9480i connected to snomone.


Can anyone let me know how they got their Aastra connected to snomone? I have entered in the information in the Global SIP settings but the SIP registration comes through with only the domain and when I try adding extension@domain the SIP registration does not com through at all.


I have the following:


Basic SIP Authentication Settings:


Authentication Name : extension #

Password: SIP passwd

Line mode: Generic

Call Waiting: Enabled


Basic SIP Network Settings:


Registrar Server: FQDN of pbx (I have tried extension@domain, but SIP registration does not come through)

Registrar Port: 5060


All other settings are default.


Any info will be much appreciated.



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I have followed the steps to manually provision the phone outlined in http://kiwi.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Aastra but no dice.


The phone tries to register the info in the Registrar/Proxy Server fields. so the SIP registration request comes through as Request: REGISTER sip:pbx-domain.com:5060, and of course the server sends back a 404 not found.


When I add the extension@domain in the Registrar/Proxy Server fields, the register request does not come at all.


Can anyone at Someone grab an Aastra phone and see if it works with their system. I would assume they do because there are multiple posts in this section.


I was also told that PnP was supported, but apparently that not the case either (per snomone).

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The problem is that snom ONE has changed the authentication. In the old days, it just trusted the MAC address, but today that is not appropriate any more. We have not found a method to put credentials into the phone yet but have a idea on how we can automate the provisioning for devices without credentials while maintaining a reasonable level of security.

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