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dom_calls.htm no longer work (5.0.6)


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i've tested with version 5.0.6. The active calls table isn't working.

I discoverd one bug in html code.




<tr><td><div id="active_calls" /></td></tr>





<tr><td><div id="active_calls"></div></td></tr>



Strictly speaking, the <div> element is a non-void/non-empty element in HTML, i.e. it is not meant to self-close. Although <div /> is valid XHTML — due to /> being indicative of a self-closing (or empty) XML element — it's interpreted by common HTML parsers and some validators as an unclosed opening tag, and is therefore invalid HTML 4.01 and HTML5.1

Found here


But when I changed the template I'don't get a table or a DISCONNECTED message, too.

Seems to be an error in in the scipt call_list_scripts.js or on server side.


Mozilla 19.0.2 / IE 9.0.8 / Chrome 25.0.1364.152




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