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dial extension problem


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I'm not sure what settings you need to see as I'm new to this...


If I make a phone call to my Callcentric.com DID, pbxnsip automated attendant picks up. If I then dial an extension (or use dial by name) It will go directly to the voicemail of the extension instead of ringing the soft phone I have installed (X-Lite). The softphone is connected, as it can show that it received voice mail and I'm able to dial out to external numbers.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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DND was on. But the softphone didn't show that it was on. Thanks!


Maybe we really need to expire DND, for example every night at 12 o'clock. But I am not sure if that would have some negative side effects. It is really difficult to find out that you are on DND in SIP, there is no standard that would indicate this.

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