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Polycom phones won't register/provision with version 5.0.6

Tony Freestone

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We upgraded from 5.04 to 5.06 and following that our Polycom phones (IP430 and IP450) won't finish the boot/registration process.


Of course this is the one time we didn't make a backup of the SnomOne directory. The system is running on CentOS64 5.0.6.


Now post upgrade the Polycom IP430/450's stop after reaching the "processing configuration" boot step and pop a "config error 0x0" or "config error 0x20". In reading the release notes for 5.0.6 I see that phone provisioning was one of the areas modified. I did also note that the files being created in the /SnomOne/generated/xxx extension folder are different. One item of note was that the new "provisioning.cfg" file is generated empty, not sure if that is correct.


So here are my questions -


1. Has anyone else seen this issue with SnomOne version 5.0.6 and Polycom phones, and if so were you able to resolve it?

2. Is there a way to downgrade and/or revert to version 5.04 if a backup of the working directory wasn't made prior to upgrading?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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We actually just finished an overhaul of the Polycom provisioning for 5.0.7.


One key question is what firmware to use. For new installations with 5.0.7 we recommend 4.0.3; if the device does not support that firmware it will be more 3.3.5. You also have to make sure that you use a recent bootloader. The phones can be sitting there for a long time if the bootloader and firmware don't match the phone model. We found http://downloads.polycom.com/voice/voip/sip_sw_releases_matrix.html very useful.


As for the downgrade, I would (1) make a backup of whatever you have and then (2) use the http://snomone.com/downloads/snomONE/version-5.0.4.xml for the software "upgrade". The PBX does not look at the numbers, so the downgrade should also work through the web interface. However the key question is if the provisioning put the username/password for 5.0.6 into the phones (the username is equal to the MAC). If you are on 5.0.6, make sure that you open the extension for provisioning in dom_accounts.htm for 10 minutes, so that the phone can reboot and fetch the new settings. You might have to do that twice with 5.0.6.

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